Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Perfect U 101 = The Basics

Your first lesson in fashion is Perfect U 101, don't worry this is not a course full of test and essay write. Though it is not an easy course and will take time to complete. In the end you will find the perfect YOU, but as styles, fashion and SL changes... so will the perfect you. So pay close attention, as I show you my progressing in finding my perfect self.

It all starts with the basics, which in SL are shape, skin and eyes. Then through in a few more spices to make it nice, such as hair, tattoos and piercings. These are just basically accessories, but for some they are a permanent staple to their everyday look.

Everyone in SL starts out as what have been lovingly tagged as a newb, newbee or noob. I always found it funny how the "pretty" people seem to dislike new avatars even though, depending on their own creation date, looked just the same if not worse. In my creation, over two years ago, I started out as your basic "Boy Next Door" newb.

For some of you that have been in SL for some time now will probably know that this is not the original Boy Next Door newb look, but as updates to the system have been made so have updates to the starter look of the new characters.

Many people stay this way for days if not weeks till they learn how to change, buy, and update their look to something more to their liking. I, like a few, had some help when I first rezzed and was out of my newbiness in just a few hours. As time passed the world of SL changed. Textures improved and the invention of sculpties revolutionized the virtual fashion world.

My evolution was gradual due to my difficulty with changing my physical look.

As your avatar starts to evolve into that perfect look, you will learn what you like and there will be certain piece of your wardrobe that you just can't complete an outfit without. Those little trademark items are all part of those basics that I mentioned earlier. Find those basics and you are on the right path to creating that perfect you and getting an "A" for this lesson.

My Basics


Shape: My own
Skin: Belleza - Mathieu sk 0-E (bald)
Eyes: CheerNo - GLOX.eye Line [Photo.X] *Water 02

Hair: MADesigns Hair - AKAMI - NB I resize script
Tattoo: Aitui Tattoo - Mechanical Fern /worn/ I
Piercing: CheerNo -
BodyPIERCING.Labret Left Single#6

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