Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I play with dolls...

Everyone's favorite toy!! This is one you won't want to leave on a shelf, with his cute button eyes and awesome clothes. A MUST have gift for this holiday season that will be on every boy's wishlist.


Shape: My own
Skin: Buried Alive - Fierce :A: - Pale #o4
Eyes: Kunstkammer - Button Eyes
Buried Alive - Hiroshi / +Filth+
Neck Tattoo: Beefcake - Stars Tattoo (neck)

Cardigan: Laqroki - Knit Cardigan w/ White V-Neck T-Shirt - Grey
Pants: Emery - Pant R.F. #Black
Leggings: Amerie - Leggings L(Stripe)
Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit - PornStar Hi-Tops MultiColor v2


Anyway, I want it said...

is there anything you wear free?

Eros.Meili said...

Haha.. sadly I spend way too much in SL, but there are few places that have anything worth while that is free. Though sometimes you can find a few place that have some great freebies or you can always follow some of the grind wide hunts. Currently I'm doing the Down the Chimney Hunt, which has some good stores on their list (though most are for females, but there are a few good places for guys).