Saturday, April 3, 2010

What's Your Flavor?


I had randomly started to take up a pole amount my friends asking the simple question of "If you were a lollipop, what flavor would you be and why?" Fairly simple and straight forward, right?? Not so easy as I had thought... many of the responses were "I would be that flavor because it's my favorite." I guess I needed to set some rules and asked for a more creative answer. There were a few that gave me some fun responses. like "Fruit punch! Gay with a one-two punch!" or "Lemon-Lime, it's lip smacking tangy." My own flavor would be blue raspberry, "Sweet yet a little tart... that's right TART!"

I recruited a little help with this one, welcome honorary Candies Beau Hadisson and Bradyn Bellic were nice enough to lend me their hotness for a little flavor makeover. When I was thinking about how to display lollipop flavors I instantly thought of the fun, bright colors of the new line of clothing from Emery. They have come out with a wide selection of colors which allow you to piece together really fun outfits.


Shape: His own
Skin: MAI - Alexandre Sunset Vol.1 (Le.Look Location)
Eyes: CheerNo - GLOX.eye Line [Photo.X] *Water 02
Hair: MADesigns HAIR - ERIC - NB I
Tattoo: TikiTattoo - Tikehau

Shirt: Emery - Top Shoes #03 Free
Pants: Emery - Jean Skinny Passe #Red
Gloves: Emery - Gloves #Black
: Rawdolls - Pitchbull Hi-cake
Scarf: Emery - Bandana Neck #M
Belt: Primitive Design - studded belt (dark leather)
Glasses: Emery - Sunglasses Aviator (Silver Frames)

Shape: Her own
Skin: Belleza - Jesse Deep tan 7
Eyes: Mr.Poet - Distinct eyes Green
Hair: W&Y Hair - New 18 Delete"TYPEA"

Top: Emery - Loop Suit #Citrus
Skirt: Emery - Skirt Highwaisted Striped #Citrus
Socks: Emery - Socks Orchid Club #Citrus
Shoes: Maitreya - ChiChi Velvet Black
Belt: Emery - Belt Pyramid #Gray Elastic
Necklace: PEER Kiddz - Chunk Necklace - Color Change
Earrings: Zaara - Hiral Shell Earrings *silver*
Bracelets: Emery - Square Bangle Multiple

Shape: My own
Skin: Hermony - Kriz ST1 - Shaved - liner (Hair)
Eyes: Cyanide - Cyanide Eyes - Prim Eyes - Blue
Hair: EGO - BEC - Light Platinum Blonde -
Tattoo: Aitui Tattoo - Minimalist - Upper Wrist Wraps /fresh/ I

Shirt: Emery - Dreaming #04
Pants: Emery - Jean Skinny Passe #Blue
Gloves: Emery - Gloves Studded #Pure
Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit - Drunks
Scarf: Emery - Scarf Plaid Blue
Belt: Kari - Plain white belt

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