Friday, January 15, 2010

Darken Sight

So I decided to go check out Buried Alive again, I had heard there was a couple new skins out and seeing how i haven't been there in some time I wanted to give them a shot. I got the demo for the Hope II, which I really like. They have really improved and come a long way from their first sets of skins. While I was there I also decided that I should try out the original Hope skin... that's when I had my blonde moment. If you have ever been to Buried Alive you will know how their wall of skins is set up. Demo tags to the far left and then the skin with the fatpack tag next to them... Silly me not wanting to wait for everything to rez properly I end up buying myself a 2500L demo! DOH!! Guess I will be buying the fatpack today, oh well, lucky that I liked how it looked.


Shape: My own
Skin: Buried Alive - Hope. :Fair: #o3
Eyes: CheerNo - GLOX.eye Line [Photo.X] *Water 02
Hair: Anaphora - Jord_Chocolate
Ears: The Body Politik - Elf Ears

Shirt: Hermony - Rising - Tee - Black/Orange
Pants: Atomic - I <>Atomic - Everyday Hoodie - Black
Socks: Sey - simple-High sox-gray
Shoes: Urban Bomb Unit - PornStar Lo-Tops
Belt: Kari - Plain black belt
Piercing: CheerNo - BodyPIERCING.Labret Left Single#6

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