Sunday, February 14, 2010


I was approached a few days ago by the owner of the new store called Vital, to come take a look at his produces and to maybe put together a blog post using some of his things. I, of course, was happy and eager to get a sneak peek at a new store and maybe get some free clothing out of the deal. The textures are really great on all of their items which is kinda surprising for such a new store. I did make a few suggests to the owner to hopefully help improve his products, such as different shirt layers and either leg prims or at least mod rights to their pants. I do expect some really nice things to come from this store, so you may want to stop in and take a little peek for yourself.


Shape: My own
Hermony - Kriz ST1 - Shaved - liner (Hair)
Eyes: Cyanide - Cyanide Eyes - Prim Eyes - Blue

Shirt: Vital - Star Shirt
Pants: Vital - Burnt Denim Jean_Skinny
Sweater: Vital - Femme_Low V-neck-Red
Hat: Vital - Knitted Beanie_Grand
Scarf: Muism - Chunky Scarf - Tassel/Tartan black
Shoes: League - High Tops

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